BIOGAS plant is the well established technology for the Generation of BIOGAS.

BIOGAS is formed by the Decomposition of farm waste, Animal Waste, vegetable waste and from the waste water in an anaerobic condition. Biogas plant owners collect all kinds of biodegradable waste from different sources such as municipal waste, Farm Waste and also from the poultry farmers.

In India total 5,080,616 Biogas plants are installed till 2021. But the common Problem Faced by all the biogas plant owners is the biogas waste, which is commonly known as slurry or bioslurry. The slurry is the end product which is produce from Biogas plant, bio-slurry remains in the bio-digester. Total 100 liters of slurry is produced in a day by a Biogas plant with a capacity of one ton.

Here the problem arises because biogas plant owners usually don’t know the proper usage of Bio-Slurry in agriculture. If Some of them know the value of bioslurry they use bioslurry into farm directly so that’s why they may not get required result and some of the biogas plant owner sell the slurry solid part by simply drying the bioslurry And selling it in low price. some of them Considered it as waste and discard the slurry into rivers or small ponds.

BIOWAVE TECHNOLOGY is the only company to come up with the new solution to increase the value of bioslurry and the Proper usage of Bio-Slurry. From that the biogas plant owner can generate extra income and can start a new business By making products from bioslurry For Agriculture Use. BIOWAVE provides an advance technology to biogas plant owners for the value addition of biogas waste slurry and use it in agriculture.

So Then, What’s the solution?
The biggest benefits of Bioslurry is that it contain large number of micro and macro nutrients and proteins naturally But if we add some valuable material into slurry it will enhance the effect of Bio-Slurry in agriculture. which gives good growth and improve health of the crop and increase soil fertility.

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