With less than a month to the end of the fiscal year, Mahabubnagar (Telangana) Collector S Venkat Rao urged bank executives to meet the goals established for extending loans to farmers. The Collector met with bankers, MPDOs, and Tahsildars on Friday to discuss the loans given to farmers during the current fiscal year.

The State Bank of India had extended Rs.167 crore while the Union Bank of India had extended Rs.101 crore, according to officials. The Collector asked the bank representatives to extend the balance loans in accordance with the fiscal year 2021-22 targets.

He instructed Agriculture Extension Officers to follow farmers to banks and ensure that loans were approved right away.

The Collector stated that many farmers in Koilkonda, Devarkadra, and Chinna Chintakunta were cultivating mulberry and asked lenders to provide loans to such farmers so that they could begin planting horticultural crops.

In addition, he stated that many farmers in Hanwada, Balanagar, Rajapur, and other mandals grew vegetables and fruits on a large scale. “Banks should assist farmers and aid in the promotion of horticulture crops,” Venkat Rao said.

Meanwhile, District Collector S Venkat Rao has urged parents to have polio vaccinations administered to their children under the age of five on Sunday. On Saturday, rallies and awareness programmes will be held to educate people about polio immunisation.

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